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Business Resource Fair: A New and Innovative Opportunity for Gresham Entrepreneurs


Hispanicpros and the City of Gresham come together in an effort to bring economic development in the Rockwood area.


The City of Gresham and Hispanicpros extend an invitation to the community for the first Business Resource Fair that will be taking place Saturday, October 17th in the Rockwood neighborhood of Gresham. This initiative aims to help and encourage the economic development of the Rockwood area by bringing resources and opportunities for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to participate in the economic development of the city.


In this event, prospective entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to engage with organizations such as: Albina Opportunities Corp., MESO, Mt. Hood SBDC, Beneficial Bank, Human Solutions and other organizations that provide resources and technical advice on the components of developing a successful business plan, business development, access to capital and more. The City of Gresham is pleased to promote this initiative among the community as it represents opportunity for local economic and social growth, as well as creating an attractive and inviting neighborhood. Additionally, the significant amount of young and middle aged residents, with the affluence of immigrants brings a diverse community that promises to enrich the area.


Josh Fuhrer, Director of Economic Development at the City of Gresham will also present on the Catalyst Site and the economic development opportunities this project will bring to the area. The City of Gresham and Hispanicpros are proud to present this event and collaborate closely for the improvement and upbringing of communities. Further information regarding business opportunities will be provided the day of the event.


About Rockwood

The Gresham Redevelopment Commission acquired the former Rockwood Fred Meyer site at 18535 S. E. Start Street in 2005. Redevelopment of this “Catalyst Site,” including the existing Rockwood Community Office building now called the Rockwood Exchange, is a major focus of GRDC efforts. A 5.5-acre parcel surrounded by 185th Avenue, Stark Street, and Burnside Street, sits at the center of Rockwood and at the center of the City’s and GRDC’s plan to energize this neighborhood, which is now the youngest, most diverse neighborhood in the Portland Metro region.


Our vision is to create an economic engine in the heart of Rockwood that supports local entrepreneurs and creates living-wage jobs. Anticipated uses include a food marketplace for local vendors, offices for community medical care and professional services, spaces to access computers and other technology, classrooms for job training and health care courses, a high-tech workshop for members of the community to develop their own products, incubator spaces for area “food-entrepreneurs” and space for local retail stores and restaurants.


About Hispanicpros

Hispanicpros is unique in the Portland Metropolitan area. With 2000+ members from diverse professional backgrounds, Hispanicpros is one of the largest and most engaged networks in the area. Established in 2008, Hispanicpros has been designed to attract the professional and business segment of the Hispanic community. Hispanicpros’ mission is to promote economic and professional development through advocacy, education and culturally relevant initiatives while building partnerships with stakeholders and other communities to strengthen and cultivate a more inclusive future for all. 


For more information:

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