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"Like" if you don't like politics


by Jose Gonzalez

I understand why most people are turned off by politics. I asked several friends and here are their reasons:

  • No trust in the process
  • Come from a Country where corruption runs rampant
  • Believe powerful people are too powerful
  • Feel politicians are motivated financially
  • Don’t understand the issues
  • Don’t have enough time or money
  • Don’t think they can make a difference

Here is the problem, and a question…….do you know who’s involved in politics? EVERYONE!

Look around you, closely, and you will note how politics are a part of your job, business, family, school, city, etc.

So guess what, you only have two choices.

1) Make your voice heard   2) Let others speak for you.

Here are some ways for you to do #1.

    • You or your children go to school- attend a parent/teacher club meeting.
      Children gain a sense of pride seeing their parents involved.
    • Attend your neighborhood association meeting.
      Have you ever been upset about a new subdivision or certain business moving into your neighborhood?
    • Belong to a Union or Trade Association or Chamber of Commerce- attend a meeting.
      You will be surprised how much your day to day activities are based on the actions of others.
    • Join a City, County or State committee
      (Salem Oregon has over 30 of them)
    • Hate what the opposing political party is doing?
      Don’t complain, go support and help strengthen your party.
    • Visit the office of one of your local representatives (City Councilor, Mayor and Senator). 
      You will learn a lot meeting them, and they will appreciate you taking the time.
    • Support someone you know and trust who’s already involved in politics
    • Run for office, yes you!
      There are three types of people who run for office.
      1) Those who have a single issue in mind
      2) Those who crave the spotlight
      3) Those who want to donate their talent in order to better their community (Guess which one is least likely to do it?)

I know this article isn’t going to make you change your life. But if you remember anything, remember this:

After attending meetings all over the United States, at every level. There’s one thing that used to surprise me…but not anymore.


Do something…anything…but do it today!

About The Author Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez, a native Oregonian who lives in Salem. He is President of Tu Casa Real Estate, a small business with a big heart. "We have been helping the community with their Residential and Commercial Real Estate needs for over 18 years!". His community involvement has given him the opportunity to serve in several capacities. A few highlights are being appointed by the Governor to Oregon's Health Insurance Exchange Board of Directors, Founding President of the Latino Business Alliance, a grant evaluator for the Oregon Community Foundation and being invited to the White House to discuss Immigrant Entrepreneurship. joseg@hispanicpros.com - See more at: http://hispanicpros.com/like-if-you-dont-like-politics/#sthash.kQnCISIQ.dpuf