Hispanicpros invites you to Foro Abierto | Portland Mayoral Debate

Hispanicpros and TiE Oregon as a Co-host are pleased to present Foro Abierto, a debate featuring Portland’s Mayoral Candidates. This initiative will provide an opportunity for experts in economic development, community development and housing to ask the candidates questions regarding issues that directly impact the Latino community and other communities.

Hispanicpros anticipates over 130 guests in attendance. Spanish and English news outlets will be invited to attend and cover the debate.   

Attendees will be encouraged to participate during our Q & A session so they may obtain information from the candidates on the issues of concern. This initiative aims to foster relationships and open dialogue between the Latino community and other communities with their elected representatives and civic engagement from a broader segment of the Latino community.  

This event will include:

  • An opportunity to voice concerns to the candidates from the audience

  • An opportunity to hear the strategies the candidates intend to implement

  • An opportunity to network with other Portland citizens